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Build A  5 Color T-Shirt Printing Press!


Start your own business, Be your own BOSS!
and you could make up to $100,000 per year or more!


Plans are well illustrated and professionally done.

These plans are a must if you are really serious about screen printing. You can even print solar cells with this machine, making it a little faster and easier to produce ( but, it is not necessary ). The screen printing booklet above shows you how to build a cheap 1 color homemade table top printer for solar cell printing. But, this screen printing machine is for those who want to do a little more and make some money while doing it!

With these plans we will show you how to build a 5 color homemade screen printing machine. It's so easy a 16 year old could build it. This is a unique space age design and is easy and fun to build. If you are buying the screen printing video, then you will see this amazing printing machine in action! It is included on the video.  Cost to construct is only about $250 in materials. You could also set up a part time business building and selling these machines for a suggested retail price of $2,500. If interested in manufacturing this printing machine please contact David Waggoner by e-mail or Rick Gibson by phone at: 1-812-945-5839.

You can print just about anything you want on these printers. No special parts needed. This printer is made of steel, springs, 2 roller bearings, a Lazy Suzan turn table, rocker arms and a wood base. You can get most of your parts from your local hardware store. This screen printing press is for professional and home screen printing use. Anyone can learn how to build it and use this machine, even you!  It is a professional printer for screen printing on T-shirts, Signs, Caps, Jackets and more. 

Start your own business today and be your own boss!




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Plans can be sent to you by E-mail downloading links, or by US postal air mail on computer CD. Download links are sent to
you in Adobe Reader .PDF format.


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