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Learn how to build a
 permanent magnet motor!

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Also included in these plans is information with blue prints and US Patent info, to build the
 famous Howard Johnson free energy permanent magnet motor!


Permanent Magnet Motors

David Waggoner has spent many hours and many nights awake learning how to use ceramic permanent magnets to create free motion on a linear motor track or on a bicycle wheel. Many hours of research have gone into his designs. This motor uses simple Radio Shack ceramic bar magnets. These magnets can be purchased from any  online magnet supplier and delivered right to your front door.

David first built a linear carriage type motor to test his theories and designs. He fastened a row of magnets all north side up on a flat table top. he then built a movable roller carriage with magnets placed on top. When he placed the movable roller carriage over the first row of stationary table top magnets the carriage moved on it's own! David was very excited! It moved all the way down the row of magnets all by itself until it reached the last magnet and then stopped. He then thought all that needs to be done is to apply more magnets. So he thought of a simple motor using a 26" bicycle wheel. He bolted one end of the wheel axle to a 1/2" x 4' x 4' piece of plywood and mounted it on a wall. He then mounted his bar magnets around the entire wheel leaving some spacing etc. He then used 2 magnets placed on the outside as the stationary magnets. The wheel began to move all on it's own. After the wheel turned three times it then began to slow down and stop? You have to have these magnets timed just right or the wheel will stop. The wheel actually turned on it's own using nothing but magnets! We thought it would be a good idea to offer David's notes in a brief plan form to those interested in researching and building there own free energy permanent magnet motor. As a bonus, we are also including plans and full page magazine articles on the Howard Johnson perm magnet motor.
David's design / notes and drawings on his permanent magnet motor should save you many hours of research work.
" Rick Gibson



Copyright 1992 - 2014



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